Beard Shaping Tool

The Ultimate Beard Shaping Tool - Groom Guide Stencil from Buffalo Beards - With Beard Brush, Beard Comb, Beard Shaper Template and Guide

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The Groom Guide Beard Shaping tool has been developed by the team at Buffalo Beards to help you shape and style your beard to get a super sharp edge every time >> 

Groom Guide Beard Shaping Tool 

Just hold the Groom Guide beard template on your check and it will guide you to shave the perfect edge. Groom Guide includes a high quality beard comb, beard brush, beard shaper, and full instructions.

The beard is an integral part of the wild Buffalo, likewise it remains the ultimate expression of manliness, an expression of the wild! But wild doesn’t need to look rough, which is why the team at Buffalo Beards have developed the ultimate tool to help you tame the wild.

We call it The Groom Guide. Sharp, style, supplied.

Package includes:

✓ 1x Beard Shaping Tool

✓ 1x Beard Brush

✓ 1x Beard Combe

✓ 1x Beard Styling Guide

More about the Groom Guide
  • Beard Shaping Tool: The 'Groom Guide' is the ultimate Beard Shaping Tool helping you style and shape your beard with the Beard Shaper Template

  • Sharp Design: 'Groom Guide' is designed by Buffalo Beards to help you get the perfect beard with every shave. It includes a Beard Brush, Beard Comb and Beard Shaper and User Guide - Helping you style and shape the perfect beard taming the wild!

  • Easy To Use: The 'Groom Guide' comes with detailed and illustration instructions and is perfect for getting a sharp jawline, neck line and cheek line and Goatee.

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